It’s time to get serious

About computer and Internet security!

Every single day, people just like you have their identities stolen.

The immediate hardships of having no money in the bank or access to credit, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Having regular mortgage, finance and insurance payments declined together with the subsequent penalties they incur, means it can take years to overcome these problems. A good credit rating may never be fully recovered.

Meanwhile, 24 hours a day, people are opening email containing attached malware, which will encrypt all of their data. Making everything effectively useless, until a ransom is paid.

Some simple housekeeping, attention to detail, a pause before opening an attachment to an email or clicking a link, can avoid the majority of problems.

Prevention is always better than cure so check out some of the utilities and preventative software we have collected in the self-help page.

If, however, you fall victim to one of these catastrophes we can help.

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If you have anything that you would hide from friends, then hide it from hackers.